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February 26, 2014:
POS and Credit Card Reader Technology for Android, iPhone, iPad, and tablet computers. Buy mobile credit card terminals that can help you collect payments with your merchant account.



Square, PayAnywhere, and a host of credit card scanners for smartphones have opened up the processing industry to just about anyone. This is good news for your garage sale or flea market stall, but if you have a real business then you want to get a machine that will save you more money over an average month. If you are paying more than 2.75% for processing and do more than $10,000 a month in sales, you are either in a shady industry or you are getting ripped off.

Accept Credit and Debit Cards Anywhere!

Smartphone Attachment for Card Acceptance Allows for Handheld Merchant Account Access

Credit Card ScannerCredit card scanner technology for smartphones makes it possible for small, medium, and large sized businesses to accept payments from credit cards and debit cards anywhere. Simply by sliding the card or accessing RFID information, merchant-enabled smartphones will make it possible to take plastic payments at places such as flea markets and farmers markets. In theory, anyone could start accepting cards, even for payments between friends and for private debts by swiping plastic. Small business credit card acceptance with such with card scanners and readers also means that every ice cream truck, sandwitch truck, and lemonade stand is now connected to the same network that was once only available to big businesses.

Modern credit card scanner equipment can receive card information from a magnetic strip, embedded microchip, or contactless RFID source. Contactless readers, which have popped up at retail establishments everywhere, are expected to be a very common form of debit and credit card payment over the next few years. Visa and MasterCard rules on smart cards mean that cards with embedded microchips or contactless features are expected to be extremely common, and merchants who do not have machines that are smart card capable will be liable for any costs associated with fraud after 2014.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Fees for credit card acceptance may vary widely depending on the merchant service provider and other banking interchange fees.